What makes KICK fun?

KICK is fun. Here’s why.


Authentic Collecting: collect singles or multiples of 100s of today’s hottest Barclays Premier League players on exclusive digital trading cards from Topps. New cards, new designs, and new players added each week.


Real-Time Valuation: is your favourite footballer out of form? Cards change in value based on actual on-the-pitch performance, all in real-time. Use all new interactive charts, player rankings, and heat indexes to strategize, collect, and play the most strategic cards.


Real People, Real Trades: football isn’t played by robots, and neither should trading card games. Engage, chat, and trade with your friends or football foes, not with bots or simulators, using Trade Talk and deep Facebook and Twitter integration.


Strategic Trading: can’t get your club’s captain or that international superstar, try 3-for-1 trading to get the rarest and most coveted of cards, but choose your cards and your trading partners wisely.

Creative Collections: complete to the beat of a different drummer. Mix and match your collection and get rewarded by unlocking fun and interesting Awards.


Always On, Always New: don’t just collect. Compete in head-to-head challenges, trivia contests, and scavenger hunts. Earn entry into our exclusive KICK VIP Club. Learn about your favourite footballers, from their stats to their superstitions, and test your knowledge of the sport.   

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